Monday, August 15, 2005

Conner's Mt. Rainier Hike

This past Saturday I took my girl friend’s son Conner, on a hike up Mt. Rainier. I think we hiked roughly 1 mile or to about 6,000ft in altitude from a base of 5,200, not bad for someone who is only two, going on three shortly. The night before I went to REI and bought him a “pack-pack”, at least that is what he calls it, it is a camel back to keep him hydrated during the hike. We saw several deer along the way, and a caterpillar that he spotted on the ground. Our next time up Rainier, I hope we can make Pebble Creek… unless Mom vetoes the decision, then on to Muir and the summit?

For more pics, check out:



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