Monday, August 30, 2004

Another Trek Up Mt. Rainier.

Once again I made a trek up the side of Mt. Rainier, in my training efforts to make Camp Muir on September 11th. Unlike last time I made my way past the lower part of the Muir Snow Field, all the way to Anvil Rock which is about 9,500ft in the air. Our hike up took roughly four hours, and we covered roughly 3.5-4 miles up. The best part was coming down and covering another 3.5-4 miles; however .5 miles was covered on my butt sliding down in a controlled fashion. Some folks that make it up there can ski about 2.5 miles through the snow fields…. can you imagine skiing or snow boarding 2.5 miles down a mountain? I ended up consuming roughly 2.5 liters of liquid, one “lunchable”, one Cliff Bar, and some gum. I plan to head back up Rainier on the 11th and trekking all the way to Camp Muir (10,000ft.), which is about a 10mile round trip on rocks and snow.

Included below are some pics and eye candy from my trip.



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