Monday, August 30, 2004

Another Trek Up Mt. Rainier.

Once again I made a trek up the side of Mt. Rainier, in my training efforts to make Camp Muir on September 11th. Unlike last time I made my way past the lower part of the Muir Snow Field, all the way to Anvil Rock which is about 9,500ft in the air. Our hike up took roughly four hours, and we covered roughly 3.5-4 miles up. The best part was coming down and covering another 3.5-4 miles; however .5 miles was covered on my butt sliding down in a controlled fashion. Some folks that make it up there can ski about 2.5 miles through the snow fields…. can you imagine skiing or snow boarding 2.5 miles down a mountain? I ended up consuming roughly 2.5 liters of liquid, one “lunchable”, one Cliff Bar, and some gum. I plan to head back up Rainier on the 11th and trekking all the way to Camp Muir (10,000ft.), which is about a 10mile round trip on rocks and snow.

Included below are some pics and eye candy from my trip.


Monday, August 23, 2004

Almost to Camp Muir.

On Sunday a few friends and I set out to reach Camp Muir (Camp Muir is where climbers setup base camp to summit Rainier.) on Mt. Rainier. You start out at roughly 5,000 feet and trek up to 10,000 feet all within 5 miles, for a total of 10 miles round trip. Even though we didn’t make it all the way to Camp Muir, I found this to be a difficult hike. We ended up hiking roughly 5 miles (round trip) with some steep evaluation climbs. I was amazed to see the amount of gear people were carrying up the mountain, in efforts to make the summit of 14,000 feet. In the end we made it roughly 2.5 miles from Camp Muir to the Muir snowfields, which is around 8,000 (is) feet. My goal for the day was to set out and challenge myself, and push myself a bit… and I managed to accomplish all of the above. I plan on trying to reach Camp Muir sometime in September w/ better gear and a bit more drive to reach 10,000 feet.

Thanks to Will and Kyle, letting me run point and allowing for a slower pace.


I’ve included some pics from our trip, enjoy…

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What can TV possibly teach us about a sore throat?

You might ask yourself "What can TV possibly teach us about a sore throat?" don’t despair, I’ve asked myself this very same question. I recently was watching “The Lance Chronicles”, when I found my answer… Lance often uses / gargles mouth-wash to rid his throat of soreness. I can say, through my own recent experience… this seems to work. Now I need to ask myself was it the TV or Lance that taught me this new trick?


Sunday, August 01, 2004

10 Movies Later.

After 15,000+ miles and 10 movies on the plane, I returned from my week long trip to China. I spent time in both Hong Kong and Beijing for a series of business meetings, mostly with Tom Online. (

Interesting facts:

15 hour time difference between Seattle and Beijing.

1.3 billion People live in China, or roughly 20% of the world’s population.

There are more English speaking people in China, than in the US.

The people in China speak two main dialects, Cantonese and Mandarin.

To have mastery of Mandarin, you’ll have to have memorized 3000 characters.

Below are some pics I took while in Hong Kong and Beijing… Some of these pics were taken on a 3-5 mile run I did thru Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City, one morning.